Contemporary Build Family Home

  • City: Renton
  • Neighborhood: Talbot Hill
  • Rooms: 3bd/2ba
  • Sold Over Asking Price: Pending
  • Days On Market: NA

This home had been on the market and vacant for several weeks with no offers before the realtor contacted me for staging services. The home has many great features such as vaulted ceilings, large windows, main floor main bedroom and its located on a good size well manicured lot.

For this project, I staged the living, dining and kitchen, the back entertaining space, the main floor master, the smaller bedroom as an office and the last bedroom as a youth bedroom.

The layout and functionality of the living dining space was creating a challenge for buyers, the living room is narrow and a wood stove inhibits a great deal of space. There’s also no ideal place to put the TV, something most home buyers find most important.

My solution was to flip the spaces, allowing the dining room to take advantage of the longer narrow space and the living room to spread out and encompass the grander dining space.

The result was beautifully well planned spaces, the buyers saw this great potential and it went pending in a few short days. Happy seller, happy buyer, happy realtor!

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