roi-Small ROI (Return on Investment). The benefits of home staging is that you pay a nominal fee to make your home look and feel gorgeous! We offer staging packages which cover the installation and destage, plus the first 60 days rent. This is a win/win for you because staged homes typically sell within the first 60.



IMG_0878-Give your home a more cohesive feel. We work with your home’s color, design and layout and bring in furnishings that match the style of the home. We also keep in mind the demographic of your neighborhood (economics, average family composition, average home owner age) and stage your home appropriately. Sometimes a second bedroom works well as an office, a kids room or a guest room. It all depends on demographics.



packing-Management with packing and decluttering. This is the time that you need to begin packing, so let’s get with it! When a home buyer walks through your home, do they feel like they’ve walked into someone else’s house or can they feel like it could be their new home? Packing away family excess clothing (yes, home buyers look in closets), minimizing gadgets and products in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as decluttering your home is a must. We offer a walk through consultation if you will be living in your home while it’s on the market. Then we follow up with a plan and full report of how to best declutter, reorganize and showcase your home’s best features.


Purdy home staging

Picture perfect results every time. A professionally staged home ensures that a professional real estate photographer can come in and work their magic. These days, it is so important to have polished and impressive photos of your staged home for print and electronic marketing. Your agent will use these photos to make fliers, send them to other realtors, and post the photos on their site and their office’s site, post them to Redfin, Zillow and Trulia and a host of other real estate sites.


camera lens-And a note on photography: it is extremely important to have a professional real estate photographer take photos of your home before it gets listed. There are many photographers out there that specialize in different areas (portraits, scenery/landscape, events, etc) but a real estate photographer has the skills and equipment to make your home stand out. It is never recommended to use your smart phone to photograph your home to use on the listing. These will not be good quality photos and the results will mean less interest in your home because it won’t show well in print. Pro real estate photographers also have the software necessary to touch up the photos (although beware of those that use too much saturation or include/exclude different elements of your home or landscape which can lead to false advertising). For a great pro real estate photographer I highly recommend, visit

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